Frequently Asked Questions� Get to know Alex!
Note: These are real questions that Alex really gets asked, over and over. This should clear everything up. If you have a question you�d like to ask frequently, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

Q: Is your last name really�Finger?�
A: Yes. Unlike Englebert Humperdinck, I didn�t choose my silly name. And yes, I had thought about changing it, until I met a guy whose last name was �Beaver,� and he changed it to �DeBouvoir,� which made me think less about his funny last name and more about how pretentious he was. Besides, Finger is very memorable, and �DeFingois� just doesn�t have that ring to it.

Q: Do you go by �Alex� or �Alexandra?�
A: Well, the only people who have ever really called me �Alexandra� were my dad and this computer teacher I had in College. People tend to think I�m supposed to be a boy if I just put down �Alex,� though.

Q You live in Hoboken? do you ike it there?
A. Yes, I live in Hoboken now, and I love it! It seems the 'Boke had a bad reputation some decades ago, but now it looks like Sesame Street. Plus, it's rumored to have the most bars per square mile in the country, which explains the high concentration of baseball caps and people who yell "wooooooOOOOOOOOooooo" when they are inebriated. However, other than the sometimes- fratty atmosphere, it's practically the sixth borough, and it's WAY easier to get there than it is to get to Staten Island. Oh, and Frank Sinatra and Baseball were born here too.

Q. You were on a game show? How'd you do that?
A. Recently myself and two of my wonderful friends, Randi and Kelly, were on the pilot episode of Chain Reaction on the Game Show Network. You never know when your improv skills will come in handy!! To view the episode, please right-click here.

Q: Isn�t New York City scary? Have you ever been mugged?
A: No, but I do get hit on by scary guys all the time. Here are some of them:
  • This guy who told me I should date him because produced a line of instructional videos called �Martial Arts for the Ninja Brother,� and because he said he never beats his women.
  • This blind guy named Jose tried to kiss me on the subway once. Bob and weave, ladies.
  • An old white guy with a blonde afro in a beige polyester suit told me I had pretty toes and asked me to join him for a drink at Hogs �n Heifers. I was disturbed on so many levels.

    Q: So why don�t you just get an agent?
    A: Get out of here, mom.

    Q: You went to Flagler College. Where is that?
    A: St. Augustine, Florida. Come on, it�s the oldest city in America. Henry Flagler? Mayorcans? Coquina? Forts? Huguenots? Oh well, that TV movie �Flamingo Sunrise� was filmed there.

    Q: Hey, I�ll be in New York next week. Can I crash on your couch?
    A: Who are you again? Sure, whatever. Hope you�re not allergic to cats and don�t use the last roll of Charmin.

    Q: Where�s Colonial Williamsburg?
    A: In Virginia. Near Busch Gardens.

    Q: Oh, yeah. Weren�t you hot wearing that costume outside all summer?
    A: Let�s see�stockings, shift, shorts under the shift, pocket hoops, petticoat, stays, gown, cap, hat� um, a little cozy. But fun. You can find a picture of me acting and sweating in costume in the gallery

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