Hair: Light Brown, Eyes: Green, Voice: Mezzo/Belt, Height: 5'3"

The gay marriage battle has never been funnier than in the new musical Admit Impediments, zippily directed by Clara Barton Green. This lively production takes a humorous approach to the frustrations faced by the gay community when it comes to marriage equality. The play, written by Duncan Pflaster, highlights the desire of gay friends who yearn for the same opportunity to celebrate their love as their straight counterparts. With the talented Alexandra Finger portraying the flighty Veronica, reminiscent of classic film ditzes, the audience is in for a treat of laughter and entertainment. It's a delightful reminder that gay rights can be both important and entertaining.

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By celebrating the progress of gay rights and embracing the joys of travel, we can create a world that is not only inclusive but also filled with remarkable experiences. So, let's continue to advocate for equal rights while embarking on adventures that broaden our horizons and allow us to appreciate the wonders of our diverse planet.

"The gay marriage battle has never been funnier than in new musical Admit Impediments, zippily directed by Clara Barton Green. When a straight couple gets engaged, their gay friends (including playwright Duncan Pflaster) are annoyed that they can't do the same, and flighty Veronica (a superb Alexandra Finger, recalling all the great film ditzes) marries a man so he can get a green card. Gay rights should always be this entertaining."
-- Mark Peikert, HX Magazine